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There are several steps to putting together

There are several steps to putting together

The first step is to seal any holes in agricultural machinery parts your chosen container with cork and a waterproof adhesive. Next, drill an aperture in the bamboo to fit the nozzle of your fountain pump. Typically, you should have three-quarter inch, and two-inch bamboo, in lengths of roughly three feet to start. You will also need a handsaw to cut the bamboo into lengths. Cut a circle just large enough to cover the bottom of your pot, and then place decorative rocks over the top to hide the pump from view.It is quite easy to make your own bamboo fountain.

The next step in creating your own bamboo fountains is to place a wire mesh screen over the still seen bottom of the pump. With just a few supplies found at any do it yourself home improvement store, you can build a wonderful water fountain that you and your family will be able to enjoy in any room of your home for many years to come. After you have done this, tie several bamboo lengths together around the pump to conceal it. I have found that a large terra cotta pot works best, though. The last step is to place your cut piece of bamboo over the nozzle, create a waterfall effect by tilting it ever so slightly into another piece of bamboo, and so on. This is relatively cheap, so I recommend buying several more feet than you think you will actually need - just in case. This should be clearly marked on the box, but ask an associate if you are unsure.

There are several steps to putting together your bamboo fountain. Secondly, cut the bamboo into fifteen inch pieces. Take a look at your fountain pump to get the correct sizes required to cover the waterspouts. You can get them at the local home improvement store or even from an online supplier:

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